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I really loved the abstract animation used here and as usual with you two, the use of music was brilliant. The slow motion scenes were fantastic and the more abstract scenes really helped build up the atmosphere and also suspense.

Great work guys, keep it up!

An enjoyable watch!

It was really fun watching this Flash and it was obvious throughout that you had spent a considerable amount of time working on it. I've watched all of your Castle Crasher parodies so far and it's clear that with each instalment, your animation skills get better and better. Looking forward to next episode, excellent job!


The opening shot was excellent and the flash was solid throughout. You definitely nailed the whole atmospheric vibe as well as great use of cinematography. I noticed while watching it that the shots outside the shack are fullscreen whereas the interior shots are smaller to literally create a sense of being trapped and isolated, a great touch. One thing I admire about the flash as well is that it's very long but still keeps the audience on edge, it must have been about 8 minutes long but I enjoyed all of it.

The only thing I was a bit hesitant about was the ending, I was a little confused about that. But nether-the-less, brilliant work!

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Definitely a decent game!

I quite liked the artistic style of the game, the use of the grainy textures worked well with the whole aesthetic of Madness and the animation was pretty good as well. I guess my main issue with the game is that some things need to be neatened up a little bit so that it plays smoother. For instance at the start when it tells you the controls, that could be done a lot quicker so that you're not left walking around the first room wondering how to get out.

Overall, the controls were fairly responsive but I did feel like in some situations the combat could be more exciting. For example, I really think you should have made the character you're currently not controlling be controlled by AI as it's difficult to make the most out of the duo when one is always just walking around not shooting. Also some of the enemy AI could be toned a bit, for example when I was first fighting the Auditor, he just kept teleporting and reappearing in exactly the same spot making it very easy to beat him.

Anyway, I hope you make a sequel next year and like I mentioned before I thought the overall style of the game was well presented, so great job.

Spudzy responds:

Thanks alot for the great review, I probably will be making another Madness Game next year so keep an eye out for it!

Great game

This is certainly not your average physics based bike game, there's so much more to it. I played a good couple of hours of this and I've got to say it was really fun. The prospect of buying new upgrades and completing the challenges really kept me playing and added some great reply value. The artwork is excellent to look at and seemed consistent throughout and I'm glad that humour was delivered well in this game, both visually and with audio.

Brilliant game, keep it up!

A true Newgrounds classic!

I remember playing this the day it came out in 2007 and was amazed by the shear quality and effort put into the game. As well everything else, I was really happy with the smoothness of the gameplay. When you jump and move from side to side the controls are really responsive and makes the gameplay really comfortable. I was also impressed with how you guys kept adding new characters and kept maintaining the game since it's release which shows real dedication to the project.

The character side of the game is well supported especially with the brilliant artwork at the end of each chapter. The character roster is also very big which is great game value and the prospect of unlocking new things by earning in game currency is a very nice touch.

This is obviously an amazing game and hope at some point in the future a sequel will be released!

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This is amazing Danny!


Brilliant song, I can't enough of that awesome guitar riff! I love you music.

Utterly Amazing!

This is by far the best audio track i've ever heard on Newgrounds, this should be a Diamond Track for sure. I just love the track, the drum beats and the other instruments you've used just blend together so well.

Keep up the amazing audio work!

SineRider responds:

Thanks for the flash and review =)

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